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Slickline Sheaves

 Our Slickline Family of sheaves offers a wide range of sizes, styles, and materials to fit all your Slickline, Flat-pack, and Encapsulated Line operation needs. Featuring a lightweight composite wheel, high-strength aluminum, and stainless steel components our sheaves are designed to handle all your critical operations in the harshest conditions. The user friendly side-loading system and roller shrouds on our slickline sheaves, and patented top-loading system on our Stuffing Box Sheaves prevents your line from “jumping sheave” and keeps it where it belongs…in the groove. 


Our Slickline Sheaves range in wheels sizes from 16" to 30", and can handle a variety of line sizes, while the Flat-pack Sheave is available in either a 25" or 30" wheel.


Our Stuffing Box Sheave is available in two wheel sizes, 16" and 20", and can be manufactured with either an aluminum or stainless steel base and frame. 


Optional items like our hand guard, line wiper, and floor stand will not only improve the user experience but will greatly increase safety to the operator. Each sheave comes fully certified with 4:1 safety factor and a one-year manufactures guarantee. 

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