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HD Sheave

Our Heavy Duty “G2” Rigging Sheaves were designed alongside industry leaders to handle the added workload and record depths common with today’s deep well operations. Whether you’re working high on a platform in the North Sea or Gulf of Mexico the combination of our high-strength composite nylon wheel, stainless steel components, and sealed bearing system are designed to withstand the most severe environments and applications.


Each HD “G2” Rigging Sheave features a non-sparking “spoke-less” composite wheel, sealed bearing system, side loading gate, and high strength non-corrosive materials. All HD “G2” Rigging Sheaves, ranging in wheel sizes of 32", 36", and 48", are designed with safety in mind with several connecting points to use with our patented Handguard-Alignment Guide and Secondary Retention Device. 

All sheaves must pass our rigorous quality control checklist and come fully certified with a 4:1 safety factor and one-year manufacturers guarantee. 

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