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G2 Sheave

For the past 25 years the choice has been pretty simple if you wanted the strongest, safest, and most dependable rigging sheave in the field, and that’s a Wireline “G2” Rigging Sheave.


By combining high-strength stainless steel and aluminum components, with weight saving composite nylon materials, our “G2” Rigging Sheaves are built for both strength and comfort. Not only are the “G2” sheaves 30% lighter than our competition, but with a built-in handle, side loading gate, shroud system that keeps the line from “jumping”, and several clevis options to choose from you can see why the “G2” sheave is the choice of operators worldwide.


Our “G2” Rigging Sheave comes in wheel sizes ranging from 17", 22", and 26", and all are designed with several connecting points to use with our patented Handguard-Alignment Guide, Floor Stand, Rig-Up Yoke, and Secondary Retention Device. All “G2” Sheaves come fully certified with a 4:1 safety factor and one-year manufacturers guarantee.


G2 Sheave for Greaseless Cable


The newest movement in Wireline Pressure Control focuses on the development of coated EM cables, better known as “Greaseless or Eco-Friendly Cables”.  Greaseless cables allow the user to hold a seal around the cable without the use of a grease injector head, which also helps keep the job site cleaner and safer for the operator and environment.  And like most new technology, “Greaseless Cables” come at a premium cost, which is why you can rely on Wireline Technologies 25+ years of experience and quality to build you the best “Greaseless Cable” sheave available; WTI’s G2 Sheave.   

Our G2 Sheaves for “Greaseless Cable” comes standard with our composite wheel, stainless steel components, and our hand guard and stabilizer arm to maintain the integrity of you line.  Our G2 Sheave for “Greaseless Cable”, and its various attachments, are designed to protect this premium cable and safeguard its outer lining to maximize its use and provide the operator with more successful runs.


WTI owes a lot of our success to the composite wheel we introduced to the industry almost 30 years ago.  Many companies now produce a sheave with a nylon wheel, but they can’t create what our G2 Sheave for “Greaseless Cable” already gives you…. confidence, safety, dependability, and results.  


Contact us for more information on how to get the best sheave for “Greaseless Cable”, WTI’s G2 Sheave.

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