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Powerline Sheaves

7" Universal Distribution Block (A)

Our 7" Universal Distribution Block features a high-strength composite wheel that offers a longer-lasting groove life for the wheels and reduced wear and tear on your cable. Our composite wheel provides increased protection against UV rot in extreme conditions. It will outlast any Neoprene or Urethane-lined wheel.
Each UDB-7 is made from high-strength heat-treated aluminum to handle the rigors of any job. Its spring-loaded "Fly-in" gate and the integrated handle are designed with the operator in mind making loading and unloading easier, saving you time and money.
All UDB's come with a standard socket connector for use in suspended jobs. It can also be used in various positions when attached to crossarm brackets.
All WTI blocks come with a one-year manufactures guarantee and a five-year limited warranty on the wheel groove.

Helicopter Arm (B) 

Our helicopter arm easily attaches to our UDB-& frame and can be used to aid in cable stringing by helicopter. Painted bright yellow and designed with a hook on one end, our Helicopter Arm helps guide the line into place and keep it there.  

Crossarm Bracket (C)

Our Crossarm Bracket is made from cast aluminum with multiple attachment points for various angles. It is built to fit on 4", 5", and 6" Crossarms.

Conduit Sheave Blocks (D)

Our Conduit Blocks were the first to utilize a composite nylon wheel that rolls smoothly for improved pulling and primary cable loads. Split tube frames can fit multiple conduit sizes ranging from 3" to 6" and allow for easy removal of the cable after installation. Set screw allows you to lock the frame in place for vertical or non-standard applications.

All Blocks come with a one-year manufactures warranty and a five-year limited warranty on the wheel.


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